Understanding Items


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1597146173943.pngAll items on the server contain a large list of stat modifiers. All players have the same baseline stats (5 health and no effects), and their equipment determines how powerful they are. Knowing what each of these stats do makes a huge difference in your experience in the dungeons.

Armor Value: This sets how much damage resistance you have
Health: This is how much additional health you will receive with this item equipped
Movement P.: How much slower this armor piece will make you.

Critical Chance: How much more likely you are to activate a critical strike
Element Resistance: This is a placeholder for the future elemental system

Classes: Only certain classes can equip certain pieces of armor.
KN - Knight​
PD - Paladin​
CR - Cleric​
BD - Bard​
WL - Warlock​
RG - Rouge​
Class Level: Place holder for the future leveling system

Luck: This increases/decreases your overall luck value, read more here
Value: This is how much you can sell this item to an NPC (in the future)
Quality: This is a snapshot of the item compared to the zone, read more here
Durability: All durability is out of 100, this will update over time and is not connected to the vanilla durability system
1597146828948.pngSince a lot of these values are the same, we will only cover what is different from armor values.

Item Names (above the data menu) Also contain information based on what color the name is.
White - Standard Drops
Gold - Legendary Items (much more powerful and rare)
Yellow - Quest Items
Aqua - Crafted
[anything else] - Unique Items

Physical/Ranged/Magical Damage: This is the weapons damage - note that the holographic damage that appears when you fight is this value compared to the mob's damage resistance.
Attack Speed: This is how quickly an item can attack.

Critical Damage: How much additional damage this item does in a Critical attack
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