Quality Codes


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You may have noticed that in the stat menu for your items - there is a darker section called 'Quality.'
The goal of this thread is to help you understand these codes so you can get a quick snapshot of the quality of the
gear you get dropped.


Section 1. What Are Quality Codes?

Quality codes are just quick comparisons of the item's stats compared to the potential drops for that area.
Understanding how Quality Codes are broken down can help you save time and progress faster in the Stages.


Section 2. How do I read them?

This is a little more tricky. The actual breakdown for Quality Codes goes like this:

Stage / Zone / Armor Value / Health / Physical Damage / Ranged Damage / Magic Damage / Reserved

The easiest way to go about using this is to recognize the 'Stage' and 'Zone' values, these determine the stat value maximums
and minimums for the remainder of the code to compare itself to.

All values after 'Zone' are scaled automagically on a comparison from '1-3' and 'n' solely on what has the potential to drop.

n - not applicable/null [this means that this item doesn't have this stat or use it
1 - Below Average
2 - Average
3 - Above Average


Section 3. Example


Take this Dagger for example - Its Quality Code is 1/1/n/n/2/n/n/n

Doing a quick read - This item is from stage 1 zone 1 and has an Average applicable value.

Since values are applied and and compared automagically, knowing exactly what each value represents isn't critical,
just knowing that 2 or 3 values are pretty good, and puts you well on your way to the next stage or zone.