Network Rules


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This thread contains all server and service rules! It will be updated as needed.

  1. Be respectful of others
    Hate speech, insults, Homophobia, Transphobia, Sexism, etc. will not be tolerated on these forums.

  2. No Advertising other Servers or Services
    Posting links to other servers, masking links to other server, or other forms of advertising will not be tolerated.

  3. No inappropriate or mishandling of content
    NSFW content will not be tolerated.
    Keep topics to their appropriate threads.
    Do not spam or use excessive noises in voice channels.

  4. Hacked Clients are strictly prohibited
    See our list of approved and encouraged modifications under 'Tutorials and Guides'
    This rule also includes cheating, bugs, and exploits as well. Any discovered bugs should be posted either on the discord or the forums.
    Alternate accounts are encouraged.

  5. No Scamming or taking advantage of other users
    There is no "Cash out" or Real-World-Exchanges allowed on this server.
    The server store does allow for gifting - this is an exception
    Any transactions not handled by the server are off limits and bannable.

  6. Safety Clause
    Any interactions that can be considered distasteful are punishable at the discretion of moderation and administration teams.
    If any additional rules need to be created to clarify repeated behavior, we will do so.