Forums Launch!


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Now Announcing! The SilverSpell Forums!

That’s right! We have our own forums now. This is where our primary change logs and administration is going to be happening at; to include processes like applications, ban appeals, suggestions, and a lot more! We will still post information to the Discord channel, but nowhere near the pedigree of the forums. Make sure you register or else you won’t be able to post or see all the forums!

In other news, the Pre-Releases for Minecraft Java 1.16 are now being released, meaning we should expect a full release any day now. Given this information, plus some personal issues that came up, we are pushing the Beta release back to the 1st of July.

Additionally, we also have a new change log! Its been a while since we have posted one, and we are excited to share the progress we have made! You can find it on the forums here:

As always, we appreciate the support you guys show, and we hope to get the server released as soon as possible.