Basic Gameplay


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First off - If you are here, Welcome to SilverSpell!

Lets get the basics down so you can dive headfirst into the hordes of mobs and eminent death and destruction.


Step 1. Join the Server!

You probably already got this one down, but just to make sure, here is some of our important links:



Step 2. Class Selection

Selecting your class determines the type of character that you will play on the server. There are NPCs scattered around
the starting area that can give you more information about each class and their abilities. Once you have
an Idea of the class you want to play - speak to the Tellers in the Guild Registrar to register your class
and begin the adventure.


Step 3. Beginner Steps

You will receive a starter set of Equipment - THROW IT ON THE GROUND - this will set its initial combat values so you can
get out there an fight some baddies. We are hoping to fix this issue and establish these values directly, keep an eye out for updates.

Once you equip this armor - you may notice that it looks like you took damage! This is a bug in Vanilla Minecraft when we set your
health well over the vanilla Maximum heart value of 100. Just sit by the Campfire with the heart particles and heal up.


Step 4. Destruction!

At this point you are ready to destroy your enemies and collect that precious loot! Once you do - make sure to check out these
resources to better understand your items and how they work:

If you accidentally die - you'll respawn either at the beginner area or in the Guild Lawn. If you respawn in the safezone - Great!
if you respawn at the Guild Hall, just sneak on the Quartz pad outside the Registrar office to teleport back to the main dungeon.

If you are hungry - try left clicking a campfire or clicking a smoker (left and/or right). These will open up the cooking menus to make yummy snacks.
You'll need to collect ingredients from the world. Check out this past changelog for more info!


Step 5. Rinse and Repeat!

Bosses will spawn a portal nearby where you fight them - this will unlock your ability to move forward. Make sure you are quick, the portals only last around 15 - 20 seconds before they close.


And that concludes our Basic Gameplay tutorial! Be sure to explore and discover the other features that we have to offer!