Announcing the Creative Server!


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Creative Server opening today!

We've decided to set up a creative server with the intention that players can submit builds to us without having to apply for builder!
This does not replace Builders, just extends the opportunity to be part of our development and creation.

Building on the creative server does NOT give us access to use your builds in our live products!

We may ask directly if we can use your builds, or you can put a note on your plot notifying us that we may
use your projects! All projects we do use will be credited [here] in our accreditation post!
They may also receive free goodies and ranks at our discretion!

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- Plotsquared v5
- goBrush
- Head database
- Armorstandeditor

(the rest are just admin-y things)

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Armor Stand Editor:

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That's all! We are still hard at work on the second demo and look forward to seeing what you guys can create!​