Alpha 0.4.0 Changelog


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We did it again folks - record breaking update times.

Last week we were down for 22 mins
This week its 19 (though technically it was ready after 15)

There are not a lot of heavy visual changes this week, most if it is internal infrastructure and how different things are handled.

There will NOT be an update next week - we are taking a couple weeks to do some research and development on some features
that we would like to implement, additionally, this will help the development schedule as well.

Ironically - 1.16.2 released as I am writing this post - will hot update this as soon as Paper updates their jar protocols.



Updated to the latest server.jar (as usual - much love for the paper team)

Replaced the Graveyards with a custom made resource - more custom things :D
- Its not perfect, if you die from environmental issues, there is a chance that you will still experience the fake death​
- If you respawn in the Guild Lawn, you can use the Wayshrine outside the Guild Hall to move back into the level​
- Dying from mobs should send you to the right respawn location​

Added a new Banking feature! See the Bank in Stage 1 safezone.
- players get 1 row by default, but can purchase up to 6​
- donators will eventually be able to purchase a second vault​



"smoothed" out the Healing locations! The now heal 20hp every 60 ticks instead of 25hp every 60 ticks
This makes healing times just a little bit shorter...

Region Discovery Messages are much shorter in length - you might be able to read them now

Made some food changes!
- Reduced all Food restore values by 50%​
- Reduced Saturation levels for Campfire foods by 50%​
- Reduced Saturation levels for Smoker foods by 25%​

Made some collections changes!
- Innards are now a stackable item​
- Innard drop chances are now between 15-25% depending on the animal​
- Fixed that issue where Pigs dropped beef instead of pork​

Added a button to toggle drops pickup to the /menu

You now automatically discover wayshrines now! But you will still need to sneak on them to travel

Stage 1

Added a new Fancy bank where you can store items! Just speak to the banker NPC to get started!

Added a new Secret location! *Gasp* (Good luck finding it...)


Thunder Combat System

updated to 0.3.0

Changed how item generation is handled
- you will still need to drop your starter gear to set its values, still looking at how to handle this issue​

Changed the Lore structure and how stats are read off the items
- We no longer use lore, but NBT containers to store/write values​
- Old gear will not work anymore! You'll either need to reset or grab new starter gear from the Blacksmith in Stage 1 safezone​
- For more information on Items, use these links: [post1] [post2]

All Player stats are now handled Aync! +1 to server performance (not like it was an issue anyways :p)

Added "Critical" damage system
- Critical Dmg value is tied to the weapon​
- Critical Chance is based on Armor and Weapon values and Attacker vs Victim Luck​

Luck is much more dynamic
- Values are now spread from -/+4 on each item, your total luck value is the summation of these​
- Luck influences durability loss, damage potential, defense potential, and minor influence on critical​
- Mobs have their own luck values that can determine fight outcome​

Added the Infrastructure for the future Elemental System

Further classified internal damages into 3 categories (Physical/Magical/Ranged)


Hot Fixes/Miscellaneous Fixes

Fixed that issue where you could only open a backpack when it was the only one in your inventory

Adjusted some regions around so they cover the world a little better

Added a Function to move players from that forbidden world to the proper world

Added an ability to get free starter gear in case that inventory wipe bug still occurs (it shouldn't anymore though...)
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