Alpha 0.3.0 Changelog


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Lets call this one the Hungry Update! Its all about food and how its collected and crafted.

After reviewing our options regarding the loss of Stage 4, it has been decided that we are going to flush out two of the maps that we
had planned for beta release and begin using them to display the standard of Quality for our server. While the server is very much still
in an Alpha State, we hope that this will increase interest in our project.


Updated to latest server jar


Stage 1

Added New Smokehouse to the safezone​
Added New Bard by the small farm​
Added new mobs for collections​
- Wild Cows (Nearby Barn)​
- Wild Pigs (Nearby Pig Pen)​
- Wild Chickens (By campsite)​
- Wild Rabbits (Across from Bandit outpost)​
- Wild Sheep (On the ridge by the stream)​
Added/updated farming locations and collections​

Stage 2

Added collections to zone 3​
Added new QuietZone just before zone 4​
- QuietZones are a new implementation to the dungeons that have a campfire to cook food at​

Stage 3

Added collections to zone 2​
Added QuietZone just before zone 4​

Collections Update

Removed Dungeons Rations and Health Potions​
Added 52 consumables​
- Harvests: farmed out in the world, similar to hay bales​
- Hunted: mob dropped foods​
- Collected: food items and components that can be cooked with​
- Crafted: components for crafting in the smoker​
- Cooked: food that was cooked in a smoker​
- Smoked: food that was cooked in a campfire​
Added 3 new cooking menus​
Right-Click: opens the Fire Pit​
Right-Click: opens the Kitchen Menu​
Left-Click: opens the Prep-Counter​
Removed Crafting Table and Brewing Stand menus​
Added new collections and collection tools​
Wooden Hoe:​
- wheat | wheat​
- grass | seed, pepper​
- beetroots | beets​
- carrots | carrots​
- potatoes | potatoes​
Wooden Axe:​
- melon | melon, melon juice​
- pumpkin | pumpkin mash​
- bee nest | honey, honeycomb​
- cocoa beans | cocoa bean​
Wooden Sword​
- sugar cane | sugar​
- sweet berries | berries (vanilla berries are obtainable, but useless)​
Wooden Shovel​
- sand | salt​
Thunder Combat System

Altered Spawning Behavior​
Mobs now spawn within 32-5 blocks of the player. This helps to populate some of those more "compact" dungeon areas where too many overlapping deadzones cause no mobs to spawn.​
Wayshrines now automagically unlock​
You will still need to sneak to open the teleportation menu​
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