Alpha-0.1.0 Combat Update I


Staff member
As of 2:38am Today (July 4th), we have resolved the issues within the combat system that caused it to no longer be functioning on the updated versions of Mythic Mobs (the Mob Engine that we use to make all of this possible). With this we are officially calling the server in its Alpha-0.1.0 version! All classes and combat are fully operational. To correct this quickly, we did not have the time to create a bunch of skills that players and mobs can use in combat, which means that they all use the same placeholder abilities! The primary focus was to ensure that the mechanic was operational, and players can get a sense of how combat will function from the player’s perspective. We also did not have the time to finish placing the spawners for dungeons 3-5, though we are already hard at work getting this corrected.


As you can see from the image, a lot goes into making the system possible from the start. It takes all 1093 skills for this system to work and function. Collectively, this Custom Combat system has been named the Thunder Combat System by its lead developer, @pentlock.

From this point we will be beginning weekly updates every Tuesday starting on the 14th. Weekly updates will include patches from community generated bug reports and suggestions as well as systematically updating and improving what is already on the server within our own update road map.

The best way for us to improve is by the feedback that the community returns. We ask that you report all bugs to the Forums so that we can correct them quickly.

Thank you!