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    Towny Specific Rules

    Towny Specific Rules 1. Using Coreprotect Inspect is a privilege! Users with this permission have it for the sake of assisting in town moderation and management - staff are not going to rollback minor greifing that can be easily repaired. We will also not rollback natural damages (ie. Fire...
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    Approved Modifications and Clients

    Approved Clients Forge Fabric Optifine Dissapproved Clients Badlion Labymod =============== Reccomended Mods [performance] Optifine - Overall performance booster and adds shader functionality: or Sodium - (Fabric) Greatly improve FPS and client performance...
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    Alpha 0.4.0 Changelog

    We did it again folks - record breaking update times. Last week we were down for 22 mins This week its 19 (though technically it was ready after 15) There are not a lot of heavy visual changes this week, most if it is internal infrastructure and how different things are handled. There will...
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    Basic Gameplay

    First off - If you are here, Welcome to SilverSpell! Lets get the basics down so you can dive headfirst into the hordes of mobs and eminent death and destruction. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Step 1. Join the Server! You probably...
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    The luck system is what makes a lot of the stats and values in SilverSpell dynamic, understanding luck can help you out almost as much as getting that next best weapon. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Section 1. What is Luck? Luck...
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    Understanding Items

    All items on the server contain a large list of stat modifiers. All players have the same baseline stats (5 health and no effects), and their equipment determines how powerful they are. Knowing what each of these stats do makes a huge difference in your experience in the dungeons. Armor Value...
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    Collections Collections are the resources and materials that can be gathered in the stages by players. This allows them to craft custom items, foods, and much more. Stage This is the technical term we use for a 'Dungeon' level. As the maps progress, there will be sections of the map that are...
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    Quality Codes

    You may have noticed that in the stat menu for your items - there is a darker section called 'Quality.' The goal of this thread is to help you understand these codes so you can get a quick snapshot of the quality of the gear you get dropped...
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    Alpha 0.3.0 Changelog

    Lets call this one the Hungry Update! Its all about food and how its collected and crafted. After reviewing our options regarding the loss of Stage 4, it has been decided that we are going to flush out two of the maps that we had planned for beta release and begin using them to display the...
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    OwO whats this? Another update?

    OwO whats this? Another update?
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    Alpha 0.2.1 Changelog

    This one looks short, but it includes a lot of heavy changes that have really changed the gameplay on the server. You can now kill most mobs in less than 10 hits as long as you are at the same level as the mob. The Thunder Combat system has had big changes, and we are ready to start laying out...
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    Alpha-0.1.0 Changelog

    Sorry about the bit of a delayed post, there was a lot of notes to scrub to get the current list of changes that needed to make the list! ========================================================================== Network Fixed and issue where players could not pass through the lobby Fixed an...
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    Alpha-0.1.0 Combat Update I

    As of 2:38am Today (July 4th), we have resolved the issues within the combat system that caused it to no longer be functioning on the updated versions of Mythic Mobs (the Mob Engine that we use to make all of this possible). With this we are officially calling the server in its Alpha-0.1.0...
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    poll: pencils vs pens

    Ah yes, just brushing up on our forms of self defense
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    poll: pencils vs pens

    Except pens allow air flow